How to Earn BNB
Connect your wallet (Guide)
Go to the Dashboard page here.

Stake BNB

1.Select the plan you wish to stake and open it.
2. Enter BNB amount you wish to stake.
3. Click Stake button and confirm the transaction through your wallet
Now your deposit has been created and you start earning, after the expiration of the plan, earnings on this deposit will stop. If you make another deposit, they will work in parallel independently of each other, so feel free to reinvest your profits!

Affiliate Program

Earn BNB for inviting other users in BNBFactor ecosystem with 5 - lvl Affiliate Program. Just use your link and everyone who makes a deposit after using your link will become your 1 LVL referral.
You will receive 7% from each deposit of invited by you user
What does LVL mean? LVL is the level of the invited user, 2 LVL means the user who was invited by the user you invited.
Example: Alex started using BNBFactor, he invited Michael and got 7% for it, then Michael invited John and got 7% for him, and Alex got 3% for John because he invited Michael
Yes, you will receive a reward in 5 levels deep, imagine how many people it is 📈
In order to start receiving a referral reward, you must make at least 1 deposit
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